Loewenberg Beef Cattle Management Internship

The Loewenberg Beef Cattle Management Internship is an opportunity born from the generous gift of Mr. Bruce Loewenberg. Mr. Loewenberg donated his herd of Salers cows to be used for research and teaching purposes in the Division of Animal Sciences at the University of Missouri. This internship gives a select group of motivated students the opportunity to manage and make business decisions on a herd of Fall and Spring calving cows. Decision‐making for this herd is a team oriented effort by the four to six students selected for each internship session. The vast majority of labor is provided by the internship students. This includes, but is not limited to, moving wire during rotational grazing, working cattle for herd health, setting up cows and heifers for AI breeding, and other common practices in the business of cow‐calf operations in the Midwestern United States. Students are advised by a committee from the Division of Animal Sciences and Mr. Loewenberg. Preference is given to students with strong organizational skills, willingness to work through complex business decision‐making, a commitment to a team management model, and those with some large animal handling experience.