Animal Sciences students can receive credit for completing an off-campus internship dedicated to developing technical skills and a better understanding of an area of animal sciences.

An Sci 4940 Internship in Animal Sciences and Technology is a senior elective course, where students are required to provide written weekly reports during the internship in addition to creating a PowerPoint summary or a final oral presentation to successfully pass the course.


  • Cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0 at the time of application and at the time of placement
  • Instructor’s consent


  • Provide educational experiences directly related to curricula and the student’s goals
  • Develop student awareness of employment demands, responsibilities and opportunities
  • Provide potential career experience with an opportunity for continuing formal education
  • Provide an opportunity for the student to apply principles and techniques learned in the classroom to problem-solving situations in order to gain a better understanding of the decision-making process

Credit and Grading

A maximum of 12 hours of credit may be earned during a fall or spring semester (16 weeks) internship. A maximum of six hours of credit may be earned during a summer (8 weeks) internship. A minimum of 45 hours of work experience is required for each 1 hour of A.S. 4940 credit. A total of 12 credit hours may be applied toward a B.S. degree.

Students will be evaluated by the supervisor and the internship coordinator. Grading of the student intern is primarily the responsibility of the internship coordinator. It will be on a Pass/Fail (S/U) basis.

Application Procedure

(Please read all the steps BEFORE submitting application)

  • Generally, the intern will have contacted a prospective employer (supervisor) and worked out the internship proposal including a plan of action, timetable, work schedule, and financial arrangements, all of which should be provided in the Internship Learning Objectives/Placement contract. It is recommended the student be paid equivalent to living expenses; however, unpaid internships are acceptable.
    1. File an application with the internship coordinator. The complete application packet (application and liability statement completed by the student and the learning objectives and placement contract completed by the supervisor) must be submitted at least three weeks before the first day of the proposed internship. See below for each form of the application packet.
  • The internship coordinator presents the application to the Academic Affairs Committee for consideration. The coordinator conveys the decision of the committee to the applicant by email.
  • Upon approval of the internship, the student must register for A.S. 4940 using a permission number provided via email in order to receive credit.

Responsibilities After Approval of the Internship

  • A weekly written report is to be provided to the internship coordinator during the internship describing what tasks the intern performed and what they learned that week.
  • A Powerpoint summary of your internship should be submitted by email to the internship coordinator within one week of completion of the internship.
  • The program and the student’s performance will be evaluated by the student, the supervisor and the internship coordinator. The intern’s supervisor should complete the Supervisor Evaluation of the Intern form and the student should complete the Student Evaluation of the Internship form. Please see below.

For more information, contact Hannah Twenter.

Internship Application Links

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    1. Internship Application and Liability Statement to be completed by the student intern.
    2. Internship Learning Objectives and Placement ContractWe ask that the prospective internship supervisor completes the learning objectives, and collectively, both the student and supervisor complete the placement contract.
    3. Student Evaluation of Internship to be completed by the student evaluating the internship program.
    4. Supervisor Evaluation of Intern Form to be completed by the student’s supervisor during their internship.