Equine Teaching Facility


Located at the University of Missouri’s South Farm Research Center, the MU Equine Teaching Facility has a long tradition of breeding and raising quality Quarter Horses. The foundation for the developed Quarter Horse breeding program was acquired in 1957 when Robert Q. Sutherland of the R S Bar Ranch, Overland Park, Kansas, donated six horses to the University. Originally housed at the Wurdack Farm, the breeding herd was moved closer to campus in 1978 so it could be better utilized for undergraduate education. During this period, Dr. Wayne Loch began to develop the University’s equine teaching program which now educates approximately 100 students each semester. Today, the MU Equine Teaching Facility is operated by 60-70 undergraduate equine practicum students and volunteers, a graduate student manager, and a faculty supervisor.

Most horses raised in this program are now sold to support the operation costs of the facility. Currently, the MU Equine Teaching Facility raises around six foals per year, with horses being sold between the ages of eight months and two years. The facility has produced 442 Quarter Horse foals. All mares are either raised at the facility or donated by breeders. Many stallion owners have donated breedings, in addition to the dozen or so University-owned stallions over the years. In 2009, the MU Equine Teaching Facility received the American Quarter Horse Association Legacy Award for their dedication to the Quarter Horse industry as a producer for more than fifty years.

Equine Science Information

MU Student Boarding Barn

This 24-stall facility built in the 1970s provides students, faculty, and staff affordable stabling. The facility is located near campus, with nearly 800 acres of CAFNR’s South Farm available for trail riding. Additionally, the facility provides tack and feed storage areas, trailer parking, an outdoor arena, dry-lot turnout, 12’x12’ stalls, bedding and hay. Boarders are responsible for the daily care of their animals.


4400 E New Haven Rd.
Columbia, MO 65211


MU Online Horse Auction and Fundraiser

Each November, students in the program produce the MU Online Horse Auction and Fundraiser to complete their integrated educational experience. The auction provides students with valuable real-world experiences, such as training horses and developing professional communication with potential buyers. Horses sold in our student-managed MU Online Horse Auction and Fundraiser are both produced in the program and donated by generous program supporters.