Animal Science Graduate Student Association (ASGSA)

Bringing Graduate Students Together

The Animal Science Graduate Program is a unique program that focuses on science in a variety of disciplines. Each discipline involved in the program contributes it’s own genre of applications. Areas involved in the Animal Sciences group include Molecular Biology, Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Biochemistry, Reproductive Physiology and Meat Science. Due to the differences in degree programs of the graduates it is difficult for us to get together and discuss our research and/or currents events.

To avoid unnecessary isolation of our program, we have come together to establish a strong association. This association is called the Animal Science Graduate Program Student Association. This association will bring together a group of graduates that otherwise would be separated by degree programs. The association provides an opportunity for students to get together to share thoughts and enjoy social events.

We want you to become part of ASGSA, feel free to contact any member of our Executive Board; we will do our best to reply as soon as possible.


• Happy 2017!
• Deadline to apply for graduation is Friday, February 5th.
• Mizzou’s Academic Quadrathlon is tentatively scheduled for February 24th-26th.
• Midwest ASAS Section Meeting is March 14th-16th in Des Moines, Iowa.
• Grad Forum will be May 29th, 2018. More information to come
• New officers were elected for the year during our December meeting. Congratulations to:

2017 ASGSA Officer Team

Faculty Advisor: Bill Lamberson
: Lauren Mayo
Vice President: Colwayne D. Morris
Treasurer: Sara Nilson
Secretary: Paula Chen
Historian/Webmaster: Natalie Duncan

Catering Chairs: Libby Hertz
Philantrophy Chair: Harley Durbin
Social Chair: Madison Hennessey
Fundraising Chair: Harley Durbin
Grad Forum Chair: