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Animal Science 2095

Equine Behavior & Training

General Course Information:

  • AS 2095 (Fall Semester)
  • Instructor: Marci Crosby
  • 3 Units
    • Lecture: Monday and Wednesday from 1:00-1:50pm
    • Lab: Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30-4:20pm

This course will expose you to the psychology and ethology (reasons) of equine behavior and how it relates to training. You will apply modern equine training techniques to an assigned project horse. The use and proper fitting of equipment is taught and students learn to teach horses to perform the basic movements needed prior to advancing to specialized training. Horses trained by students in this course will then be sold in our annual MU Online Hose Auction.

  • Prerequisite: AS 1065 and Instructor’s Consent 
    • Preference giving to Animal Science who are upper classmen

Learning Objectives and Student Goals:

  • To describe and explain basic animal behavior modification through use of positive and negative reinforcement and shaping.
  • To develop an individual training program to enhance a horse’s value, athletic potential and inherent abilities in a natural progressive way.
  • To apply classical, practical and proven equine training techniques to a project animal for achievement of safe non-traumatic learning for the horse and trainer.
  • To critically evaluate training methods used and advocated by others in a thoughtful constructive manner.
  • To develop and maintain a professional animal training journal.
  • To present a horse to be judged or evaluated by a potential buyer.