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Animal Science 2085

Equine Barn Management & Marketing

2085 class 08

General Course Information:

  • AS 2085 (Fall Semester)
  • Instructor: Marci Crosby
  • 2 Units
    • Class meets at Equine Teaching Facility twice a week
    • Times change yearly and are posted on MyZou under “Class Notes”

This class is focused on teaching practical equine barn management by allowing students to care for the University of Missouri’s equine breeding herd. You will also learn handling and training techniques with our weanlings. This class will also be responsible for marketing of our Annual MU Online Horse Auction. In addition to animal work, all students in the class will be expected to help with general maintenance around the Equine Teaching Facility.

  • Prerequisite: Instructor’s Consent

Learning Objectives and Student Goals:

  • To apply knowledge about animal handling in a real world management situation.
  • To develop an understanding of equine nutrition and health care as it relates to routine management.
  • To demonstrate ability to safely handle a variety of horses.
  • To identify means and techniques of marketing horses.
  • To develop familiarity with bloodlines, training, and other attributes and how they relate to successful marketing.
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