Biotech Adventure
Welcome to Biotech-Adventures, an educational web site designed to present the factual information regarding biotechnology in a way that will entertain both students and adults.

Faculty expertise in teaching biology (Dr. Meredith Hamilton), animal biotechnology (Dr. Rodney Geisert), plant biotechnology (Dr. Jonathan Shaver), wildlife genetics (Dr. Ronald Van Den Bussche), veterinary science (Dr. Jerry Malayer) and human medicine (Dr. Lee Rickords) brings together a unique group of scientists to develop materials for teaching biotechnology. Ms. Mary Lou Sheffer, School of Journalism and Broadcasting, working with undergraduates in video development, allowed the production of accurate and entertaining films depicting real applications of biotechnology today.

Educators be certain and look through our teacher resources where you can download the illustrations and technical animations from the site for use in your teaching program.

The younger crowd, or just young at heart, will enjoy the entertaining computer animations found in the Hands-on section.

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You can download the newest version from Adobe.

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